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Food & Nutrition in Functional Medicine

June 22, 201619 min
Personalize your health care by learning about functional nutrition.Functional medicine is a whole body approach to medicine. Everything works together.Functional nutrition examines how food functions in the body. Every single person is unique, so the way foods are processed by individuals varies.Genomics is the study of how food influences the behavior of genes. Eating certain things may turn genes in your body on or off. You may be subject to more inflammation than your mother, so your diet might need different foods or supplementation. This information can guide your doctor and nutritionist to best support your health.Raw cruciferous vegetables reduce inflammation for most people. They produce powerful antioxidants that are only created inside the body. These antioxidants are like a fire hose directed at inflammation. Cooking cruciferous vegetables eliminates that capability. Fermented foods denatures the enzymes, but they do support beneficial gut bacteria.Listen in as Amanda Archibald shares how genomics can help you improve your quality of life.

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