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Food & Sex: A Match Made in Heaven

June 8, 201619 min
Dr. Jennifer Berman of the Emmy-winning show, The Doctors, explains the intimate connection between food and sex.Eating is a sensual experience. There's an intimacy to dining. Enjoying a meal with someone brings you together.Food is also emotional. Sometimes, you may make bad eating choices because of emotional connections to food. This is how you wind up eating comfort foods you shouldn't, much like going back to an ex-lover for more of that old, unhealthy relationship.The brain is the biggest sex organ in the body. It governs what we do. Eating promotes intimacy and connection and can make you feel better.For the smoothest sexual experience, keep in mind what foods are best for your heart. Your heart keeps the blood pumping to your sex organs. Arousal, lubrication and libido are enhanced by a healthy heart.Inviting a date out for a shared meal represents more connection and intimacy than a coffee date. This is better for courtship, because both parties are more open to sharing, the conversations are longer, and the food can reinforce positive emotional feelings.Listen in as sexual health expert Dr. Jennifer Berman joins Dr. Mike to discuss the connections between food and sex.

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