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GAPS Diet: Finding Your Way Back to Health

March 29, 201726 min
You may be able to arrest health symptoms with the GAPS diet.Many health issues are a direct result of the foods you eat. The modern Western diet plays with pleasure centers, preventing you from recognizing the symptoms in your body after eating non-optimum foods. Becoming Predisposed to Health IssuesThere are more caesarean sections than in prior generations. This means fewer babies are passing through the birth canal to get a dose of mothers’ vaginal bacteria. Vaccines, antibiotics, environmental toxins and processed foods disrupt a baby’s gut bacteria. The bad bacteria start to outweigh the good. They attack the good bacteria, weakening the gut lining. The weakened gut lining leads to undesirable health conditions. Once you are diagnosed with a health condition, it’s hard to undo the mechanics that landed you there. Using quality ingredients and spending more time in the kitchen can improve your health. The GAPS DietStarted by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) diet is an elimination diet that cuts out anything that could deliver bad bacteria, such as boiled meats, broth, non-fibrous vegetables and veggies without stalks. Each stage takes a few days. Foods are reintroduced slowly. Bad bacteria will kick and scream to save themselves. It’s not unusual to feel ill while on the diet. If a reintroduced food makes you feel sick, return to the prior stage of the diet without that food for a few more days. Listen as Hilary Boynton joins Dr. Mike Fenster to share how you can use food to improve your health.

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