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Health Benefits of Home-Ground Flour

May 25, 201619 min
Grind your own flour for maximum health benefits.Rampant food allergies are a great reason to grind your own flour. Grains are able to be stored for a very long time. When the grains are ground, they become perishable. We now have ground white flour that is designed to have a longer shelf life. It's had the bran and germ sifted out, reducing the health benefits of flour. Diseases, allergies and intolerance have been on the rise since processed white flour hit the market.Baked goods are fantastic treats. Grinding your own flour allows you to enjoy these treats with the health benefits of the whole grains. You can grind the grains on an as-needed basis so you don't have to worry about spoilage.Listen in as Sue Becker joins Dr. Mike to talk about grinding your own flour at home.

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