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Hungry Like a Fly: Neuroscience & Eating

April 13, 20169 min
Humans are like fruit flies neurologically, only a bit more complex.Neuroscientists are concerned with the structural and functional mechanisms in the brain. The nervous system is crucial for our evolution.The common fruit fly is a great model organism in neuroscience, and a great deal of what is known about how the brain works comes from studies of the fruit fly.Single cell organisms have primitive forms of taste receptors to find food. These receptors are found in the human palate in a more developed state. We have the primal need to consume energy to survive. Some of the sensory information from what we smell and taste goes to our limbic system, reaching our primal center. Listen in as Dr. Michael Kavanaugh joins Dr. Mike at University of Montana Trailblazers Program to discuss the basics of neuroscience and food.

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