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Recipes: Part of Your Heritage

March 2, 201619 min
Recipes are part of your history and should be handed down to future generations.Dawn Lerman's father was 450 pounds. Since he worked in a top advertising agency as you've seen on Mad Men, appearances were important. Her father was always on a diet. He tried everything: Atkins, Weight Watchers, the Cookie Diet. He even had a tape worm injected into his body, hoping that would help with the weight. Dawn even lived on a "fat farm" with her family for six months when her father was trying to slim down.The major problem was that he wasn't learning how to eat. He didn't know what his body needed to stay trim.Dawn has been cooking since she was nine years old. She watched her mother prepare food as a toddler. She recognized that recipes were associated with pleasurable moments. As a youth, she started improvising on family recipes. She made the generational secrets and stories her own.Dawn now includes her children in the cooking process. This creates new memories with good nutrition in mind. The children are more likely to eat what they've helped prepare. She also encourages them to improvise on the recipes she's handing down, adding their own flair to the family narrative.Listen in as Dawn shares her stories and tips for healthy nutrition.

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