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Sheepish Expressions: Artisan Cheeses

August 3, 201619 min
Learn more about how sheep's cheese is made.Happy sheep make tasty cheese.  What you feed your animals contributes to the flavor of the food they produce. The ability to roam in green pastures and having minimal antibiotic treatments help provide sheep with a quality life. Sheep’s milk is sweeter than cow’s milk. Different milks create unique flavors. The five basic steps to cheese making are:
Heat or cool milk to the temperature the cheese requires. A hard cheese requires hotter temperatures.
Add cultures and molds. Different cheeses have different molds. Cultures give different flavors.
Add the coagulants to help the milk turn to curd.
Cut the curds. Larger curds yield a softer cheese, while smaller curds create a harder cheese.
Mold the cheese so it can be aged.
Milk volume is high at the beginning of the year, but it has a lower fat content. Late in the year milk has more fat. This affects how the cheeses will taste. Artisan cheeses contain high levels of anti-inflammatories and beneficial fats.Listen in as Allison Dembek joins Dr. Mike to share how artisan cheeses are made.

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