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Something's Fishy: Seafood Lies

August 17, 20169 min
How do you know you're actually getting the fish you want?Fake foods are foods that contain something other than what you think you’re buying; a bait-and-switch of ingredients. The less recognizable a food is to the eye, the easier it is to be fraudulent. Can you tell the difference between filets of whitefish? You may be buying farmed tilapia when you believe you’re buying red snapper. The quality of our food has become adulterated by the current food pathways. There is now opportunity for people to falsely market foods. Look for the seal from the Marine Stewardship Council (a fish in the shape of a checkmark) for wild caught seafood to be sure you’re buying what’s promised.Listen in as Larry Olmsted dishes on how to know you're getting the fish you think you're buying.

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