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Successful Dieting: All in Your Head?

April 19, 201727 min
Strengthening your brain can help you find diet success.You have to be a warrior for your health. You’re presented with daily battles in keeping to your diet. Ads for cheeseburgers, enticing dessert menus, and limited edition holiday candies are ready to knock you off your nutritional track. It's essential to mentally prepare in order to overcome these temptations. Learn to resist temptation. Food can trigger inflammation and the release of stress hormones. It can also affect neurotransmitters and digestion. You must MASTER your mind and body. M - mindset over your brain and bodyA - assessment of what you need to changeS - sustenance to eat like a warriorT - training to make new daily habits that help youE - essence of turning your pain into purposeR - responsibility to do it for the rest of your life Here are some tips to start improving your mind now:

Wake in the morning and hydrate with a little lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper.
Journal your plans for the next day with intention before going to bed. See what you’ve accomplished and what you learned from it.
Plan your meals ahead of time.

Listen as brain warrior Tana Amen joins Dr. Mike Fenster to discuss how to find dieting success.

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