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Sugar Addiction: Watch Out for Your Sweet Tooth

February 22, 201726 min
Do you reach for sugar for pleasure? Or, is that "sweet tooth" an addiction?You shouldn’t have to cut out everything that gives you pleasure. Who doesn’t want to have their cake and eat it too?The trick is navigating sweets in a healthy way. First, you have to learn how to translate the sugar content on food labels. Divide grams of sugar by four. That tells you how many spoons of sugar are in one serving of the food. Make the decision to put it back if it isn’t worth it for you. Consuming whole fruits instead of juices is a great way to enjoy something sweet but with a lower sugar price tag. Second, understand that 140 pounds of sugar per person are being added to processed foods in America every year. Processed foods contribute to many chronic health conditions. Mind your health. If you feel well, you should be able to consume sugar in moderation. Sugar Addiction If you have to ask yourself if you’re addicted to sugar, you probably are. Are you compelled to eat sugar, or do you just have some from time to time for pleasure? Take two weeks off from sugar and see how you feel. You should be able to have two bites of dessert to satisfy your taste buds. Share the rest of the dessert or walk away from it. Being mindful while eating sugar allows you to taste and enjoy. Be present with your food. Listen as Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum joins Dr. Mike Fenster to discuss sugar consumption and addiction.
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