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Sneak Peek into the Katz Family Kitchen

December 10, 20159 min
Catherine Katz discusses her recipes and kitchen habits.What do you get when you put a French-born chef, five active, bright children, and the world renowned expert on nutrition, weight management and disease prevention, Dr. David Katz, in the busiest room of their home?  The Katz Family Kitchen.  Catherine Katz says it is "the heart of our home; it is where we come together as a family and where all the Cuisinicity magic happens. Many of you have asked my husband over the years how the Katz family (all seven of us!) manages to make it all work at home and how we eat healthy every day in our own busy household.”  Catherine joins the Family Food Kitchen to give you a sneak peek and even shares some recipes, too. Get ready to drool over her Halibut in Wine Tomato Sauce, Harvest Apple Pie, and more – all so easy to prepare.  Tune in for some Cuisinicity Magic.

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