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Switch This for That: Smoothies

January 7, 20169 min
Ellen and Carolina share solutions for nutritious smoothies that will make you think you're drinking a delicious milk shake.Smoothies come in all shapes and sizes.  Some resemble rich, thick milk shakes or liquid sweet sorbets. Others may be combination of everything your body needs wrapped up in one... but, it tastes so awful you can hardly swallow a sip. In this “Switch This for That” segment, hosts Ellen and Carolina share ingredient solutions that will make you can think you are drinking a delicious chocolate milk shake, yet it's filled with good-for-you food. They both love drinking yummy smoothies filled with vitamins, minerals, and fiber; ones that will give you mental and physical energy for a few hours.No need to feel guilty about drinking a sorbet-like smoothie when you make it their way.Tune in for some smoothie fun.

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