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The Lunch Box Program

August 6, 20159 min
Hungry kids can’t think. Malnourished kids can’t learn. Tune in for healthy lunch ideas.Hungry kids can’t think.  Malnourished kids can’t learn.  This is why the U.S. is facing an academic and social behavioral crisis at school.  When it comes to nourishing students, schools can be part of the solution. And, to reverse the current health crisis, driven by too many overweight and obese children, they must feed children nutrient-rich foods. School is where every child eats. Thus, changing school lunch from processed food to meals made with fresh, whole ingredients is a must.   Chef Ann Cooper and her Chef Ann Foundation founded The Lunch Box program, so you can help provide healthy lunches to children in need. Join the Family Food Kitchen to keep your child healthy and nourished at school.

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