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10 Myths on Heart Health

February 11, 20169 min
Have you bought into these ten myths on heart health?Americans are regularly told what’s good and what’s bad for the heart. In an effort to be healthy, some of the hearsay is incorporated into daily routine. Some of the things that are “good for your heart” are little more than folklore. Here are ten myths on heart health that you may have accepted as fact:
Cholesterol is bad for your heart. Saturated fat clogs your arteries.
Red wine is better for your heart than any other form of alcohol.
Statins are good for everyone who has a heart issue.
Dark chocolate is a heart-healthy food.
Sex can be bad for your heart.
Supplements that say they’re good for your heart may not be.
An aspirin a day keeps heart attacks away.
Stress doesn't affect your heart health.
Calcium testing can prevent heart disease.
Women don’t have chest pains during heart attacks.
Listen in as Dr. Jonny Bowden debunks these myths on heart health and discusses the relationship between cholesterol and heart health.

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