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6 Tips for Safer Use of Space Heaters

February 3, 20169 min
If you use a space heater, make sure you follow these safety tips.Winter is the time to plastic up your windows, break out your thermal clothing, and add layers of blankets to your bed. While you may have heat available in your home or office, sometimes the winter chill requires the warmth of a space heater.Space heaters present certain dangers. The National Fire Protection Association found that space heaters account for 33 percent of home heating fires and 81 percent of home heating fire deaths.How can you safely use a space heater?Here are six tips:
Check space heaters for damage.
Keep space heaters three feet away from flammable objects (like blankets, clothing, paper)
Keep space heaters out of high traffic areas.
Plug space heaters directly into wall outlets.
Always remember to turn off space heaters.
Don't use a space heater to warm your entire home.
Listen in as Molly Hall, Executive Director of the award-winning Energy Education Council (EEC), discusses the best applications for space heaters and how to use them safely.

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