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7 Healthy Eating Habits for 2016

January 4, 20167 min
Are you eating to survive or eating to thrive?For many of you, life has become so hectic that you scarcely have time to think about what you're stuffing into your mouth each day.This gulp-and-go lifestyle is taking a serious toll on your health.What are seven simple rules for healthy eating?

Eat only one you're hungry.
Don't mix food types.
Don't eat when you're feeling stressed, ill, or injured.
Chew 22 times before swallowing.
Don't eat overly-cooked and overly-processed foods.
Give your food a background check.
Use spices and natural digestive aids to help break down what you eat.

Listen in as David Magnano, DC, shares the healthy eating habits you should incorporate into your life this year.

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