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Alexander Technique for Pain Relief

July 8, 20169 min
Learn how to manage pain by using the Alexander Technique.What are you doing to get in the way of how your body should be moving? Are you sitting in a way that's painful? Do you slouch? Crane your neck to look at your cell phone?The Alexander Technique helps undo the acquired tension that prevents the innate system of movement.The neck, head and back are coordinated via Alexander Technique. It's best to see a practitioner to observe your habits and prompt you to make changes. Your practitioner will use a mirror and demonstrations to show how you are holding your body. Verbal cues and hands-on adjustments to lengthen and relax the muscles are also incorporated.Moving with fluidity and grace will bring great relief to your body. Paying attention to your body takes your mind off the stress of daily life.Listen in as pain relief expert Rochelle Reea shares how the Alexander Technique works.

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