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Brain Fitness: Building Your Mind's Muscle

June 3, 20169 min
Your brain needs a workout too.Your brain is an incredibly powerful tool. This is why brain education is so important for both children and adults.Brain exercise encompasses cognitive, physical and emotional training. The goal is to create new synapses in the brain.You can strengthen your brain by relaxing. Unplug for one or two minutes at a time per hour and take a "brain break." This refreshes and reboots the brain. Napping is great for your brain as well. The brain typically dips between 2 pm and 4 pm, so even a 10-minute nap can refocus your day. Puzzles, music and math are all good for your brain. Using your non-dominant hand for tasks does amazing things for your brain.Listen in as Dave Beal of Power Brain Education shares how you can make your brain more fit and how schools are benefiting from these techniques.

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