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Cancer Survivorship & Menopause

May 6, 20169 min
Cancer treatment can cause premature menopause. Get the basics on cancer survivorship and menopause.Cancer treatment can put women into premature menopause. Symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes can stem from lack of estrogen.Cancer patients are not given estrogen because it can fuel the cancer. If the disease is estrogen-sensitive, it's important to protect the patient by denying estrogen.There are options to find a new normal for cancer patients. Vaginal estrogen doesn't enter the body in large quantities and can help relieve some symptoms.It's important to discuss what to expect from cancer treatment to be sure it's not a surprise. Knowing that premature menopause is a possibility helps patients be aware of what's happening and how to address it.Menopause expert Dr. Diana Bitner joins Melanie Cole, MS, to discuss menopause and cancer survivorship.

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