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Compassion for the Dying: End of Life Options

June 17, 20169 min
Discussing end of life options with a terminally ill loved one is important.When a loved one has a terminal illness, it is painful to watch them slowly deteriorate. Currently, five states allow the terminally ill to choose when and how they will die.It's important to be able to participate in your loved one's decision, supporting the choices made for end of life. Be available for your loved one to discuss the issue. Keep in mind that every health choice leads to how one chooses to die.Every circumstance is different. It's tough to determine when there is no more hope for a cure. You don't want your loved one to suffer. You also don't want your beloved to die. Hold onto the love and let that guide the decision.Listen in as Phil Rice shares how to have a discussion about end of life choices for the terminally ill.

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