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Environmental Influence on Chronic Illness

February 7, 201726 min
How can you reduce your exposure to toxins?The average person encounters environmental toxins in every day life. It’s impossible to completely avoid them. Our bodies are enzyme machines. We vitamins and minerals for the enzymes to work properly. The nutritional quality of our food supply has decreased in the past fifty years due to modern agricultural procedures. Toxins poison the body’s enzymes so they don’t function properly. There is a correlation between chronic illnesses and toxin exposure. The majority of the population has been exposed to enough toxins to double the chance for disease. Seventy percent of our toxic load comes from food. Some toxins come from the food production process. Other toxins come from the packaging process. Consider how toxins can accumulate in your body over time. Try to reduce your toxic exposure. Stick with organic foods and grow as much food as you can. Look for foods packaged in glass. Avoid fragrances in health and beauty aids. Listen as Dr. Joe Pizzorno joins Dr. Holly Lucille to discuss environmental toxins.

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