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Healing through Ayurvedic Medicine

July 8, 20169 min
Ayurvedic medicine may be the answer to heal what ails you.Ayurvedic medicine dates back 5,000 years in India and can easily be integrated into your health care.Ayurveda views everyone as one of three body types or doshas. These predominant types determine what you should eat and natural medicines that work for you. Finding out your type is a good place to start with Ayurveda.As a step into Ayurveda, you might want to explore how food can heal. Speak with a knowledgeable practitioner before trying herbal remedies. Some herbal combinations are not right for young children, expectant mothers and those with immune system disorders.Meditation is also part of Ayurveda. This can be practiced by anyone. Meditation can be a huge leap when you're used to being busy. Start small and try to still your mind for 30 seconds and increase from there.Listen in as Dr. Taz Bhatia joins Melanie Cole, MS, to share the benefits of Ayurvedic medicine.

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