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Hepatitis C Prevalence & Risk

June 2, 20169 min
Are you at risk for hepatitis C?Hepatitis C is a blood infection that arises from tainted blood supply. It has virtually no symptoms until it is late-stage. It could also be spread by dental equipment and ear piercing equipment from past years. Sharing razors, toothbrushes and nail clippers can also transmit the disease.Get tested if you were born between 1945 and 1965. Most insurers will pay for a one-time test for baby boomers. Your primary care provider can administer a blood test.Treatment is typically one to two pills per day, which is roughly $1 per pill. It takes eight to twelve weeks for treatment. There is some difficulty with insurance covering this expense, even though it can prevent worsened liver conditions.Listen in as Tom Nealon of the American Liver Foundation discusses hepatitis C prevalence and risk.

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