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How Can the Pelvic Muscles Help Athletes?

January 29, 20169 min
How can you engage your pelvic muscles to run faster and jump higher with less impact on your spine and lower limbs?The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that supports your lower pelvis. For a woman, these muscles surround and support the urethra, vaginal opening, and anus. When your pelvic floor muscles are healthy, you're able to contract and relax easily.Keeping these muscles strong is extremely important, because if they become weak it can cause a handful of problems. According to Pelvic Floor First, elite athletes or those who play impact sports are at an increased risk of developing a pelvic floor problem. However, if you keep these muscles strong it can actually help boost your athletic performance.Listen in as Missy Lavender, Founder and Executive Director of the Women's Health Foundation, explains how the pelvic muscles can help athletes.

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