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How to Lose Weight with Love

January 19, 20169 min
What are the 10 tips to reclaim a healthy body with love?It seems that everywhere you look, headlines are shouting at you the successful, fast, and easy way to lose weight. It makes sense to constantly see ads on TV, magazines, and online health stories about weight loss with the obesity epidemic in the U.S.However, with this "push" to lose weight, is it also creating another issue by pressuring people to look skinny?Instead of a harsh, self-conscious, and mindless approach to losing weight, what if there was a holistic approach on loving and accepting?According to an article on Psychology Today, here are 10 tips to reclaim a healthy body with love:
Practice radical self-love.
Make friends with the person in the mirror.
Do a body blessing.
Honor the spirit within you.
Make food an offering to your divine self.
Add green juice to your diet.
Only eat when you're hungry.
Be mindful about what you put in your mouth.
Avoid emotional eating.
Move your beautiful body.
Listen in as Holly Lucille, ND, RD, shares the 10 tips on how to reclaim a healthy body with love.

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