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How to Make Lasting Behavioral Changes

April 5, 20169 min
Having a positive mindset will help you face your health and happiness goals.It can be tough to face lifestyle changes that will help you reach your goals. This is why so many people seek professional health to change habits they can't break on their own.Facing those changes with a positive mindset makes a difference. Your negative brain is more likely to keep the status quo. If you look at changes with growth and success in mind, you are more likely to implement those changes.There are some simple things you can do to improve your mindset:

Give yourself visual reminders of your achievements.
Smile more. Sit up straight.
Face the day like it's an adventure. "What can I achieve today?" instead of "Why do I have to leave my bed?"
Relax with meditation and deep breathing.
Look for silver linings.

Listen in as Dr. Holly Lucille joins host Melanie Cole to discuss how you can reach your goals and change your behavior with a positive mindset.

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