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Improving Sleep Without Medication

March 3, 20169 min
How can you improve sleep without medication?Busy schedules abound, and you don't want to hit the sack until everything on today's to-do list is complete because you have a whole new list of priorities for tomorrow. Getting a terrible night's sleep doesn't make it any easier to complete those tasks.Everyone needs a good night's sleep to function at work and play. Your body needs plenty of sleep for recovery.How can you improve sleep without medication?Here are some tips:

Set a sleep schedule and stick to it. Keep your bedtime and waking time the same, seven days a week.
Work out for at least 30 minutes most days of the week. Do your workout in the morning or early afternoon.
Expose yourself to natural light during the day.
Create a bedtime ritual.
Don't let technology distract you. Turn your alarm clock around so you can't see the time. Turn off your cell phone. Turn off the television before bed.
Don't eat close to bedtime.
Don't consume caffeine after noon.
Don't consume too much alcohol before bed.
Make sure your bedroom is comforting, your pillow comfortable, your bedding clean.

Listen in as Dr. Martha Cortes discusses how you can improve your sleep without medication.

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