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Keep Your Child Safe Over Spring Break

March 16, 20169 min
How can you keep your child safe over spring break?Spring break is like a mini summer vacation. When the weather is warm enough, it's a great time for your child to enjoy outdoor adventures.For peace of mind for you and your child, keep these safety tips in mind:

Pay attention to beach warnings. Be cautious of rip tides, wave warnings and beach conditions.
Only enter the water when a lifeguard is on duty. Swim only in designated areas.
Know what's in the water. Poisonous waters snakes, jellyfish, alligators, crocodiles and sharks pose dangers to swimmers. Learn the hazards of the area where you're swimming.
Stay hydrated.
Reapply sunscreen regularly to avoid sunburn. Apply insect repellent after sunscreen.
Seek shelter if a storm hits.

For your older children, you can't always monitor their spring break activities. Here is some advice before they go off with friends:

Sobriety is ideal. If your young adult children decide to engage in day drinking, advise them to take their time and drink plenty of water. Alcohol can work faster on some folks than others, so staying hydrated and drinking alcohol slowly is safer.
Keep an eye on their drinks. Strangers may be friendly at the clubs and beaches, but they're still strangers. Avoid drugging by watching their beverage cups.
Eat protein before having alcohol.
They need to know where they are and use the buddy system for safety.
Follow safety recommendations. Wear seat belts. Follow boat safety rules.

Debra Mulligan, MD, joins host Melanie Cole, MS, to discuss how you can keep your child safe during spring break.

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