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Overcoming Hepatitis C

June 16, 20169 min
Treatment is now available for hepatitis C.Hepatitis C is a potentially life-threatening disease of the liver. It can cause severe liver damage, long-term health problems and death. But, it can also be treated.The biggest risk group includes people born between 1945 and 1965. Don't assume your doctor will automatically test you for hepatitis C. You have to ask. You can also check in with your county health department for an inexpensive or free test. Community-based organizations can give anonymous, confidential tests.Treatment is currently available for hepatitis C. There are antivirals on the market that are very effective. You're tested six months post-treatment and don't need to be tested again unless you engage in risky behavior. You also want to reconsider some of the things you're ingesting that aren't easy on your liver.Listen in as hepatitis C survivor, Carleen McGuffy, shares her story and the success she's had with the hepatitis C treatment.

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