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Pelvic Concerns for Girls & Young Women

June 16, 20169 min
It's important to educate girls on how everything works below the belt.Girls can have a lot of trouble below the belt, because it’s tough to discuss what happens in that region. After potty training, many parents don’t discuss pelvic concerns until menstruation begins. Educating girls early about their pelvic area may help prevent devastating health issues that appear later in life. Peeing, pooping, periods and exercise are important to cover as your daughter ages.Girls discover their bodies at a very young age, so it's best to start the education early. Make your conversations about the pelvic area "normal" so they are comfortable talking about things that happen. You want your girls to know what can happen before it does.First, it's important to know the terms for all the parts. This will make it easier to communicate about issues. Second, your daughter should see the gynecologist for the first time when she may become sexually active or if she's having recurring issues with UTIs and discharge. Finally, you need to teach her what to expect from her body. It's much better have the facts than to learn through rumors and speculation from peers. Knowing how things work does not prompt your daughter to rush off to have sex. It empowers her.Listen in as Missy Lavender shares how to help girls understand what happens below the belt.

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