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Pets: Fur Your Health

December 27, 201623 min
Adding a pet or two to your household can improve your quality of life.Pets are amazing companions that can provide numerous health benefits. Kids who are raised in a household with pets tend to have fewer allergies and less incidence of asthma. Their immune systems are constantly being stimulated by pets, making their immune systems stronger. Pets are natural mood enhancers. Petting an animal lowers your blood pressure. Calmness and relaxation encompasses you. They even have the ability to reduce depression. Knowing you get to come home to a loving critter can carry you through rough days. The responsibility associated with a pet gives you purpose. Feeding, walking, playtime and training keep you engaged and mindful. Fifteen percent of surviving spouses live longer if they have a pet. There’s still someone to share life with after the loss. Dogs are fantastic service animals. They can detect a drop in blood sugar immediately. They can also detect seizures. Know someone who is afraid of having a pet? It’s best to introduce them to small animals like puppies and kittens. You may hesitate to get a pet because you’re concerned about leaving the pet home alone. There are many options for boarding, and on-demand pet sitting services are becoming much more popular and available. Listen in as Dr. Jeff Werber joins Dr. Holly Lucille to discuss how your health can improve by sharing your life with pets.

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