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Post-Ostomy Continuing Care

May 19, 20169 min
Ostomy surgery requires some life adjustments. Specialized nurses can help you return to an active lifestyle.An ostomy is a surgically created opening for bodily fluids to be collected outside the body.Specialized nurses are important to those living with an ostomy or having wound and continence issues. They instruct you how to care for your wound and adapt to life changes after your surgery. They address digestive concerns and explain when you need to contact your doctor.Common concerns for ostomy patients involve the pouch. Modern pouches are made of odor-proof plastic, alleviating concerns for patients smelling like the fluids collected. Regular activity is possible post ostomy. You can dress normally while wearing the pouch. Most patients wear a 10"-12" drainable pouch that gets emptied in the bathroom. There are 3" mini pouches designed for swimming and sex.Listen in as ostomy nurse Mary Gloeckner shares what you need to know about living with a pouch.

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