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Postpartum Disorders: Don't Suffer Unnecessarily

June 3, 20169 min
Do you have the baby blues, or is it more serious than that?Bringing a new life into the world causes a flood of emotions. You’re elated to have a new member of the family, stressed about your baby’s future, and likely worried if everything is normal. It isn’t unusual to have the baby blues in the months following birth. But, how do you know when it’s actually postpartum depression?The baby blues last about two weeks and resolves on its own. It affects about 8% of women.Postpartum depression affects about 20% of women. Women with a family history of depression, life stressors (job, marriage, personal) and past incidents of depression are all contributing factors. Doctors don't always prepare women for the possibility of postpartum depression, so what is "normal" is unknown to new mothers.Mothers often feel confused or ashamed about what they're feeling and don't speak up. Healthcare providers don't all screen for postpartum depression, but there are outside resources. An online screening is available through National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health.Listen in as Joy Burkhard of 2020 Mom shares new information on postpartum disorders.

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