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Separating Fat from Fiction

February 11, 20169 min
Does eating fat make you fat?There are many myths about consuming fats. You may have heard that eating fat makes you fat, contributes to heart disease, and leads to diabetes. You may have heard that saturated fat is bad but vegetable oils are good. The truth is that the right fats can help you reach your health goals. Here are some fat facts:

Sugar makes you fat; fats don’t.
Sugar is less complex than dietary fat.
Low-fat diets tend to be high-sugar diets; not good for the heart.
Saturated fat is not the enemy.
Some fats are unhealthy, like trans fat and inflammatory vegetable oils.
Everyone can use more omega-3s.
Eating fat can make you lean.
Good fats can help you heal.
Your brain is about 60% fat.
Your body lets you know you’re not getting enough quality fat with hard earwax, dry skin, brittle nails, stiff joints, and bumps on your arms or torso.

Listen in as Dr. Mark Hyman discusses the truth about fats and how good fats can actually help you lose weight.

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