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Setting Up Your Nursery

April 6, 20169 min
What do you really need in your nursery?Setting up your nursery is an exciting event. You pick out themes, paint the walls, and get new furniture. You want your child to have the best environment in early life, so you plan and decorate accordingly. What do you actually need in your nursery to give your baby the safest, healthiest infancy?

Adjustable crib with a mattress you can lower as the baby ages. The bed only needs a tight-fitting sheet-- no bumpers, pillows or toys.
Chair you can't sleep in. The chair is for feeding and burping the baby, not for sleeping.
Changing table with safety belt. Make sure diapers and wipes are in reach.
No baby powder or cornstarch. If the baby has some diaper rash, let him air out for a few minutes before re-diapering. Use over-the-counter ointments when absolutely necessary.
Keep all cords out of reach and use safety plugs in unused outlets.
Secure all furniture so your curious toddler doesn't pull anything down.
If you need a nightlight in the nursery, make sure it is dim. You don't want the baby to think it's party time if she wakes during the night.

Listen in as Corinn Cross, MD, discusses what you really need in your nursery.

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