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Strong Food Addictions

May 19, 20169 min
Food addiction is a powerful draw to certain foods, similar to drug addiction.Food addiction is an overpowering drive to eat certain foods.Unlike gambling, smoking and drinking addictions, you have to eat to live. This makes it tougher to spot and treat food addiction.People aren't addicted to carbohydrates because carbs include carrots and apples. The addiction is to processed foods.Top addictive foods are as follows:

ice cream
french fries
buttered popcorn

When you do something quickly and frequently it becomes an addiction. The people who can moderate are the ones who aren't actual addicts. The folks who can't stop are addicts. The key for addicts is to cut out sugars and processed foods. Eating natural foods will help.Listen in as Dr. Vera Tarman discusses food addiction.

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