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The Magic of Food Swaps

June 2, 20169 min
Share your creations and try new foods with a local food swap.Canning vegetables, baking treats and making jam can be very enjoyable kitchen activities for you and your family. But, you may refrain from these activities because the recipes create more than you could (or should) consume. Why not participate in a local food swap with your high-yield products?Food swapping is a recurring event where home bakers, home cooks and home gardeners bring their homemade creations to trade for the products of others. Registration occurs in advance so everyone is prepared for the swap.You package up your food so it's easy to swap. Bring whatever you enjoy making, but bring quantities that are easy to trade. It's easier to trade a package of cookies than an entire cake. Have tasting samples, especially if you make something a bit unusual. You determine the swap value of your goods. Don't feel like you have to swap for someone else's product if you're not interested. Label everything.There is no exchange of money for goods. Food regulations do not apply to swaps. If you do swap for something that seems to have gone bad, contact the creator of that food item.Listen in as Emily Paster shares how to get involved in food swapping.

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