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Feet: Overuse Injuries

July 25, 201716 min
Learn about possible foot injuries due to overuse.We spend a lot of time on our feet. Foot injuries are fairly common. Forefoot Injuries

Bunions - big toe angled inward at an unusual angle.
Sesamoiditis - pain under the big toe joint, especially in runners and kickers.
Morton’s neuroma - pain and numbness between the third and fourth toes caused by a nerve entrapment.
Metatarsalgia - pain under the ball of the foot.

Arch Injuries

Plantar fascia strain - pain along the inside of the arch.
Stress fractures - frequently appearing in athletes and those with C-curved feet.

Heel Injuries

Heel spur - irregular bone formation resulting from arthritic change.
Tendonitis is also common throughout the foot from overuse.

Shoes are the base of support for your entire body. Stilettos don’t have the infrastructure to support you. Stilettos also shorten the calf muscle and Achilles tendon. Ballet flats can also be troublesome because the support isn’t there. It’s best to wear a running shoe for exercise, even if you’re just walking. Running shoes are more supportive. You might need insoles to provide extra support. Stretch your feet by sitting with your legs in front of use. Use a towel or band to gently pull the top of your feet toward you. Lie back, bend the knee and gently pull your foot back again. Extend the leg and use the band with each foot to stretch your leg muscles. Stand with your back to the wall and lift your toes a few times. Turn around and raise your heels for a few repetitions. Listen as Dr. Jeffrey Ross joins Melanie Cole, MS, to discuss overuse injuries to the feet.

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