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Filling Your Fitness Bank

May 30, 201714 min
Will working out today help your future health?Can you fill a fitness bank now, so you experience benefits later?The answer is yes, you can exercise now to build up your fitness in order to accomplish future activities. You can also get strong in the present so that it’s easier to best illness when it hits you. Your strength, endurance and bone density decrease rapidly from being bed-ridden. Take advantage and get active while you’re healthy. It’s best to maintain a high level of fitness for yourself as long as you can in your lifetime. Being fit makes daily tasks easier. It also improves recovery from surgery and pregnancy. Fill your bank with a minimal level of fitness. You should perform cardiovascular exercise no less than 150 minutes a week. If you’re already active and fit, do a little more. Push yourself to get even stronger.Listen in as Dr. Brian Parr joins Melanie Cole, MS, with tips on how to get fit now and reap the benefits later.

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