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Food to Support Fitness

July 18, 201713 min
What should you eat when you want to get fit?Maybe you want six-pack abs. Or, perhaps you want to get stronger. What should you eat to support your fitness goals? First, start with eating real foods that are close to what you find in nature. You don’t have to count the grams of everything. Make sure you have lean protein, fruit, vegetables, healthy carbs and smart fats every day. Avoid processed foods. Second, assess your fitness goals. Do you want to increase or decrease your weight? Your goal will impact your food requirements each day. Don’t add a protein shake or bar just because you exercised. Third, you don’t want to exercise completely fasted. You need some nutritious carbohydrates to fuel the workout early in the morning. Have a piece of fruit, or a glass of pure fruit or vegetable juice. The glucose gives you energy right away. Adding fiber, fat and protein will take longer to digest. Additionally, alcohol is closer to fat than protein for your body. Cut back on booze and mixers if you have caloric goals. Finally, use fats and oils to cook your food so it tastes good. You don’t have to drink coconut oil each day to get in your healthy fats. In moderation, you can eat the natural fats in your food, like the fat in your ham or skin from your chicken. Listen as Dr. Felicia Stoler joins Melanie Cole, MS, to discuss how to eat to support your fitness goals.

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