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March 19, 201711 min
More than 3.5 million Americans have chronic hepatitis C (HCV), but many live with the disease unaware that they are infected. People can live for decades without symptoms. Since approximately 75 percent of those infected with HCV were born from 1945-1965, the CDC recommends that everyone born during this time, often called baby boomers, get tested for hepatitis C.A diagnosis of hepatitis should always be taken seriously. Chronic, untreated hepatitis can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer or death. The "Lourdes Hepatitis C Clinic" is dedicated to the comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for patients with all phases of hepatitis C infection.In this segment, Hisham ElGenaidi, M.D., Associate Director of Transplant Hepatology, explains how they evaluate, treat medically and, where appropriate, list patients with severe cirrhosis for liver transplant, and how the staff provides education and compassionate support, as the treatment for hepatitis C can be rigorous.

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