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14 Things You Should Know About Body-Focused Repetitive Disorder

July 30, 20159 min
What is body-focused repetitive behavior?According to the Neuro Behavioral Institute, body-focused repetitive behavior (BFRB) is an impulse control behavior that might include pulling of hair, skin and nail biting, and skin pulling that can result in physical and psychological difficulties like skin sores, infections, and scars.These nervous habits can become problematic if they interfere with your everyday life.What are the 14 things you should know about BFRB?In an article posted on, 14 people share what they want you to know about BFRB:
"I think that the biggest impact that dermatillomania has had on me is being the only one my age with 'acne' and knowing that the state of my skin is directly correlated to my state of mind. Kind of like wearing my heart of my sleeve, except it is my brain, on my skin." -- Facebook user Bonnie Van Tassel
"I've been suffering with trich on and off since I was 10. I'm 19 now, and if I could give advice to my younger self or other people suffering with it, I'd say you're not alone and people are generally more understanding than you'd think. Sure, some people won't understand, but you probably don't want to be around people like that anyway. There are plenty of online resources and [the Trich Learning Center] is great." -- Facebook user Madison Nelson
"I've had dermatillomania almost my entire life and it's terrible. And don't even ask me me 'Why can't you just stop?'... I would if I could." -- Facebook user Kim Dupuis
"Trich is something I've suffered with on and off for eight years now. I used to think I was the only one. Now, I know I'm not alone. Always keep fighting." -- Facebook user Madison Kay Nelson
"I'm not sick or crazy and I don't hate myself. Also, I don't need you to stoke my ego with the pity compliments. I'm not 'still beautiful in spite of trich.' That was never a concern!" -- Facebook user Caitlin Webster
"People are more than their conditions." -- Rebecca Brown
"Sometimes I don't even notice that I'm doing it... next thing you know, blood." -- Facebook user Judy Adams
"I always thought that it was just me. I love my hair. I just can't stop." -- Facebook user Yazmin LoGiudice
"I leave the lights off whenever I go to the bathroom at home. I don't pick what I can't see." -- Facebook user Jennifer DiSabatino
"I wish people would stop saying to me 'Just quit doing it,' as if it were that simple..." -- Facebook user Laura Hanson
"One, that I don't really WANT to do it. Trust me, I'm afraid I'm going to pull all my hair out one day and go bald. Two, growing my eyebrows out again was a huge success for me! Three, I also tweeze hairs out of my legs."-- Facebook user Lauren Vaught
"Yes, my eyelashes WILL grow back. Well, until they won't. Still not OK to ask about it." -- Facebook user Rachel Devonne
"It's good this is finally getting more attention. It's very difficult to describe by sufferers, and even harder to seek help." -- Facebook user Rachael Leigh
"If I could 'Just stop,' don't you think I would?!" -- Facebook user Melani June
Founder of TLC (Trichotillomania Learning Center), Christina Pearson, shares what BFRB is and the 14 things you should know about it.

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