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7 Warning Signs of Shopping Addiction

October 15, 20159 min
If you're someone who loves to shop and has a hard time telling yourself "no," you may have a shopping addiction.The term "Shop 'til you drop" is an expression commonly used in good fun, but some people really struggle with a shopping addiction. Also known as omniomania, shopping addiction has some of the same characteristics as a substance addiction.Researchers from the University of Bergen have developed a new method to measure shopping addiction, The Bergen Shopping Addiction Scale. Researchers found that shopping addiction predominately occurs in women, occurs in late adolescence, and can be related to personality traits. For example, if you're more anxious, self-conscious, an extrovert, you are more likely to be a shopping addict.What are the seven warning signs of shopping addiction?
You think about shopping/buying things all the time.
You shop so much that it impairs your well-being.
You shop to change your mood.
Shopping affects your daily obligations.
You feel like you have to shop/buy more to obtain the same satisfaction as before.
You decide to shop/buy less but you haven't been able to.
You feel bad if for some reason you're prevented from shopping/buying things.
Listen in as Cecilie Schou Andreassen, PsyD, PhD, shares the seven warning signs of a shopping addiction.

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