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7 Ways to Prevent Wrinkles While Sleeping

February 4, 20169 min
How can you decrease the effects of aging while you sleep?You want to get plenty of "beauty sleep," but did you know that sleeping can cause wrinkles?Your body naturally loses collagen and elasticity as it ages. This causes wrinkles. Wrinkling is exacerbated by repeated pressure (pulling on the skin by a pillow) and muscle motions (laughing and frowning).How can you prevent wrinkles while you sleep? Here are seven tips:
Sleep on your back.
Get a special pillow if you can't sleep on your back.
Upgrade your pillowcase.
Try a retinol cream.
Wear a night cream.
Treat your face with coconut oil before bed.
Get a full night's sleep.
Listen in as Debra Jaliman, MD, shares the best practices for preventing wrinkles while you sleep.

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