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Ask HER: Birth Control Pill Limits, Yoga for Strength & Women's Heart Health

February 11, 20169 min
Listen in as Pam and Michelle answer your personal health questions.It's YOUR time on HER Radio. Be a part of the show... send your comments and ask your questions by email, It's time to Ask HER. Today, on HER Radio you wanted to know:How long can I safely take birth control pills?You can take them as long as you’re generally healthy. Uncontrolled high blood pressure, blood clotting issues, and smoking would be reasons to stop taking birth control pills. Speak with your medical care provider about your concerns. Eat well, exercise, and don’t smoke.I practice yoga a lot. Is that enough for muscle strength or should I also lift weights?There are yoga poses that increase strength and muscle size. If you want to build muscle, weight training is best. Yoga is a balanced way to do strength training. It tones your muscles in balance with each other. It increases endurance and flexibility.What are some best practices for heart health in women?Heart disease is the number one killer of women. First, avoid tobacco. The chemicals emitted from smoke contribute to the build up plaque in the arteries. Exercise helps, and make sure you don’t sit for too long at a time. Eat well, consuming good fats (avocado, olive oil, nuts). Get plenty of sleep and aim for a healthy weight.If you have a personal health question that you want answered, Pam and Michelle encourage you to send them in to

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