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Ask HER: Hair Loss, Having a Cyst Burst, PLUS Can You Get Pregnant After Your Tubes Are Tied?

October 1, 20159 min
Listen in as Pam and Michelle answer your personal health questions.It's YOUR time on HER Radio. Be a part of the show... send your comments and ask your questions by email, It's time to Ask HER. Today, on HER Radio you wanted to know:Is hair loss a sign I have a thyroid problem?According to the American Academy of Dermatology, most people will lose around 50 to 100 stands of hair every day and even more (around 250 strands) during the shampooing process. Even though this individual strand loss is normal, losing large patches or clumps of hair is not. For women, it's easier to tell if you're losing large amounts of hair.There could be a handful of reasons why you are losing your hair, including a prolonged thyroid issue, such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. If you think you have a thyroid issue, you should consult your doctor.Can you get pregnant after having your tubes tied?Having your tubes tied is a surgical procedure where your fallopian tubes are cut, tied, or blocked. However, there might be a slight risk of becoming pregnant after you have this procedure.According to the American Pregnancy Association, this happens to about five out of 1,000 women after one year. After a total of five years following tubal ligation, about 13 out of 1,000 women will have become pregnant.What happens when a cyst bursts?A cyst is an abnormal pocket of fluid that slightly resembles a blister. According to Better Health Channel, cysts can occur all over your body and internal organs.Depending on where the cyst is, if it has popped you may experience different symptoms. For example, if you have an ovarian cyst that bursts, you might experience pain in your lower abdomen and pelvic area. You may want to consider going to the hospital if you think you have a burst cyst to seek proper medical treatment.If you have a personal health question you want answered, Pam and Michelle encourage you to send them in to

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