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Ask HER: Immunity Boosters, Overtraining & Fruit Sugar

May 12, 20169 min
Listen in as Pam and Michelle answer your personal health questions.It's YOUR time on HER Radio. Be a part of the show... send your comments and ask your questions by email, It's time to Ask HER. Today, on HER Radio you wanted to know:How can I strengthen my immune system?Get more sleep. Your immune system needs time to repair, about seven to nine hours per night. You also need to get exercise to reduce your chances of catching a cold. Fix your diet. Reduce your intake of refined sugars and processed foods. Chicken soup is great for you.A huge factor is toxic stress, meaning it drags you down. Slow down. Meditate. Do things that are joyful and fun. Work out to blow off steam. Get counseling if you need it. Interacting with others will help reduce your stress and improve your immune system.How do I know if I am overtraining? What are the symptoms?It creeps up on you. You have a lack of motivation and lose your drive. Your mind and body tell you not to work out. You feel especially sore. You stop seeing results. You have chronic soreness, are sick more often and you're exhausted. It's time to stop and reassess.
Is sugar in fruit as harmful as normal sugar?
No way! Fruit contains fructose, a natural sugar. It doesn't cause abrupt fluctuations in your blood sugar level. Eat fresh, whole fruit because the fiber will slow absorption of the sugar.If you have a personal health question that you want answered, Pam and Michelle encourage you to send them in to

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