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Ask HER: Sex Drive, Signs of Miscarriage & Food Cravings

June 9, 20169 min
Listen in as Pam and Michelle answer your personal health questions.It's YOUR time on HER Radio. Be a part of the show... send your comments and ask your questions by email, It's time to Ask HER. Today, on HER Radio you wanted to know:
Does testosterone for women really bring back sex drive?
Testosterone is known as the masculine hormone. It does contribute to sex drive and occurs naturally. Testosterone-only is FDA approved exclusively for men. If you're having sex drive issues, speak with your doctor. Your issue may be helped by reducing stress, working through relationship problems or eliminating a medication. Women can get a testosterone compounded prescription that is mixed with other things specific to that woman. Candidates for the compounded testosterone are women who have had their ovaries removed, have a low sex drive or a pituitary gland problem.
What are signs of a miscarriage?

One in six women have a miscarriage, and it can happen before the pregnancy is known. It takes place within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding with pain is the first sign. You may have belly cramps, pelvic pain or consistent lower backaches. Get to your gynecologist right away if you think you may have miscarried.

How can I control food cravings?
Practice stress reduction so you don't want those processed foods. Be mindful. Stay in the present. Get plenty of sleep. Find other rewarding ways to be happy in life.If you have a personal health question that you want answered, Pam and Michelle encourage you to send them in to

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