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Cure Your Broken Heart by Running a Marathon

July 6, 20169 min
You can work through that trauma by engaging your body.When life gets you down or you have a traumatic experience, it's all too easy to curl into a ball and hide out from the world. Broken hearts can lead to over-consumption of ice cream and self-quarantine. But, limiting your movement is one of the worst things you can do.Maybe you should run a marathon the get through that break-up.Getting physical can treat trauma. Running a marathon can help you work through emotions. Swimming, working out and dancing can sort out some of the hurt and anger. Creative pursuits like writing, painting and making music are also great for handling trauma.There are large traumas that you easily recognize. A big break-up, loss of a family member or treasured pet, car accidents and major events are obvious traumas. Smaller traumas like job stress, losing your job and other bad news can collect to act as a large trauma. Invest in your recovery process. Empower yourself by putting on those tennis shoes and get moving.Listen in as Dr. Ken Yeager shares how to cure your broken heart with activity.

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