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E-Venting Can Make You Angrier

August 27, 20159 min
After writing an angry email, you may want to consider cooling off before pressing send.It might have happened to you more than once... you're feeling unappreciated for a task at work, or your partner forgot to take out the trash again, or your friend just canceled an important dinner with you at the last minute. You feel the anger start to seep in, and your head is getting ready to explode.Whatever you do, don't "e-vent," which is sending an angry text, email, or sharing your anger via social media platforms.Even though you may think that venting is healthy for you, it can actually make your anger worse. For example, instead of learning to move on and get past your anger, writing an angry text or email keeps you focused on your anger for a lot longer than you should allow it. Also, since people typically can't hear the tone of your voice, you may sound even angrier.If venting doesn't reduce anger, what does?Brad Bushman, PhD, shares why e-venting can actually make you angrier and what you can do instead of venting to cool off.

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